dimanche 2 novembre 2008

Hell with all my friends...

ndlr: Cette histoire ne se conte qu'en anglais

In the late 70s, there was lots of new religions popping everywhere. They were selling their version of God to anyone who would listen. And mostly try to get the most people to flock to their enlighted gourous. They were recruting in every shopping malls
come hell or high water.

One day after grocery shopping , one of those nice lady's was selling God and Heaven to anyone coming in or out of Steinberg's. She appoached my Mother who promptly declined to be enlighten.

Our gourou in training said to my Mother with disbelief:
"But don't you want to go to Heaven?".

To which Maman replied with a very very thick quebecois accent and laughing:
"No I want to go to Hell with all my friends"

Walking away, I couln't believe that my Mother said that. First, she never spoke in english in front of me. A misplace fear of the ridicule prevented her. Secondly, she was dragging me and my brother to Mass every Sunday. And thirdly, I realised my Mother was having much more fun with her friends that I though. Cool!!!! My mother was groovy

Last week I read a story that reminded me of my Mother's vision of Hell and Heaven . The book Therefore Repent! by Jim Munroe and Salgood Sam is post-rapture graphic novel. The story bends your mind and mix new and old beliefs about religion. The artwork is beautiful. And the conclusion of the book will leave you wanting more.

So like my Mother and the book, I want to stay in Hell with all my friends...

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